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We are among you with a new breath in customs clearance operations with our management team with 20 years of experience in foreign trade services. We are working to provide you with the safest service by following all kinds of legal processes in logistics connections and customs area. 

Since 2016, we have been providing customs clearance, warehousing and logistics services.


Oceans Group concludes your customs procedures quickly and safely with its experienced staff on Customs Legislation and procedures.


Foreign trade and export processes are managed and maintained in a systematic manner without any disruptions.


We provide personal (used) household goods, furniture export, vehicle transportation and industrial transportation services from Turkey to all over the world by land, air and sea.


Import and export consultancy for companies that want to develop and grow in a globalizing world

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Maritime Transportation.

Oceans Group Logistics aims to meet the expectations of its customers in a result-oriented, regional and industrial needs-oriented manner with its experienced team and competent agency network around the world.

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Road Transportation.

Oceans Group Logistics offers comprehensive, honest, economical and reliable Land Transportation services with itsexpert team working worldwide and constantly developing structure.


Oceans Grup Logistics is one of the leading logistics service providers in the sector with IATA membership, prioritizing service quality with special services developed for its customers in airline transportation where time and money are very valuable.

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About Oceans Group

Your strategic business partner with regional and sectoral solutions. Taking firm steps towards becoming one of the market leaders in Turkey, Oceans Group has been providing customs clearance services, product supply, global air freight, sea freight, road freight and project transportation since 2016.

With its wide range of Customs Clearance & Logistics activities and expertise from its experience, Oceans Group has made its mark in all sectors including Aviation, FMCG, Healthcare and Textiles.
Oceans Group, which has been continuing its way as a company with 100% Turkish capital and a duty to serve its country since the beginning, organizes more than 2,000 shipments for its customers worldwide every year. Turkey's leading brands as well as customers with development and growth potential prefer Oceans Group, which they trust for flexible, fast decision-making processes and low cost in loading organizations.

You can rely on Oceans Group for the safe and efficient transportation of your most valuable cargoes with its ability to produce innovative and cost-oriented solutions even in the most complex logistics processes, experienced employees and professional business partners worldwide.

Business Tracking and Solution-Oriented Approach

Carrying out the necessary Customs legislation within the framework of the Import legislation of the goods to be imported before the products are imported. Receiving Ordino for your import related to Inward Processing Regime Applications.

Following the process related to the goods from the order. G.T.İ.P. (Customs Tariff Statistics Position) Determination of the products to be imported, and initiation of preliminary permits, if any. Obtaining the necessary documents from the transportation companies, Tse, Dts, Surveillance Certificate, Registration Certificate, etc. Providing and following up the documents from the relevant ministries.
If there is not enough information about the product types related to the products to be imported (for tariff determination), arrangement and follow-up of the Küşat, deficiency, deficiency and damage minutes, initiation and finalization of the import transactions in the relevant Customs in a fast and safe manner.

Delivering the goods that have been processed at customs to the address specified by the company and closely following the process. As soon as possible after all the transactions are completed, the relevant documents are delivered to the company in the invoice and receipt attachment. By doing price research with our partner company in CHINA, we offer you a special price offer from China to your door.

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Posted by ocea5763
July 5, 2019
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July 5, 2019


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